Add Measurements to a Picture in Grafana

ImageIt Panel Plugin for Grafana

Allows a user to superimpose measurement displays ontop of picture.



  1. Install the last stable version with grafana-cli plugins install pierosavi-imageit-panel or clone master for the latest features.
  2. Enter a URL for your background image.
  3. Set up a metric and give it an unique alias.
  4. Add a Sensor and give it the same name as the alias.

How to build

npm run build

Master branch is always built before pushing


  • Sensors stay in the same position, even when resizing the panel
  • Draggable sensors
  • Resizing sensors when resizing the panel
  • Plugin compatibility with Grafana 5/6
  • Plugin canvas compatible with larger images
  • Links on sensors
  • Change sensors background color (even transparent)
  • Font Awesome Icons - Images mapping on sensor name
  • Value mapping system
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  • Grafana 5.x.x