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Orchestra Cities

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Orchestra Cities Map

  • Overview
  • Installation
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Orchestra Cities - Map Panel

This plugin extends Grafana Geomap panel with several functionalities:

  • Support for GeoJSON shapes
  • Support for icons (icons supported are from FontAwesome)
  • Support for pop up visualizations of data from a specific point
  • Multiple layers for the different queries
  • A new map layer leveraging Inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation for scattered data points using Shepard's method.

Marker layer

IDW layer

New customization options available for the markers layer:

  • Cluster support with a lot of customization like distance and value to display
  • A fully customizable pin with the possibility to change colors, shapes and sizes
  • The possibility to select which properties to be displayed on the popup

Marker layer options

Cluster options:

  • Distance
  • Min distance

Pin Options:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Customizable icon
  • Shadow
  • Gradient

Popup Options:

  • Display a title
  • Display the Timestamp
  • Selectable properties

Marker layer options

Options available for the IDW layer:

IDW options:

  • Weight value to be used to create the interpolation, including min and max range
  • Scale factor of the precision of the interpolation
  • Show data values over the map

Pupup Options:

  • Display a title
  • Display the Timestamp
  • Selectable properties

Marker layer options

It requires Grafana >=8.2.0

Usage with PostGis

To use the plugin with PostGis, you need either to query longitude and latitude from a stored Point, e.g.:

  • ST_X(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location_centroid)) AS \"longitude\"
  • ST_Y(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location_centroid)) AS \"latitude\"

Or query the GeoJSON shape, e.g.:

  • ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_GeomFromEWKT(location)) AS \"geojson\"

Usage with CrateDB

To use the plugin with CrateDB, you need either to query longitude and latitude from a stored Point, e.g.:

  • longitude(location_centroid) AS \"longitude\"
  • latitude(location_centroid) AS \"latitude\"

Or query the GeoJSON field, e.g.:

  • location AS \"geojson\"

What is a Grafana Panel Plugin?

Panels are the building blocks of Grafana. They allow you to visualize data in different ways. While Grafana has several types of panels already built-in, you can also build your own panel, to add support for other visualizations.

For more information about panels, refer to the documentation on Panels

Set up dev environment

See Contributing

Installing Orchestra Cities Map on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Support for IDW Interpolation
  • Update OpenLayer libraries


  • community signature
  • Bump follow-redirects from 1.14.5 to 1.14.8


  • allow to the define colours for specific values via mappings


  • fix icon visualisation in pop-up and improve pop-up format
  • support label for legends
  • fix color per value in geometries
  • fix color for clustering


  • Migrate to react for compatibility with Grafana 7+


  • Map centered at location updated when changing coordinates.


  • New option for centering map at user geolocation


  • Suport for leaflet markercluster
  • Suport for leaflet sleep to avoid auto scroll when hover big dashboards.
  • Resize panel improvements for mobile.
  • min zoom level set to 3.


  • In the editor metrics tab, a query result can be 'format as' 'table'


New features / Fix

  • Changed the plugin's working process. Any datasource query with a group by clause will result in layers.
  • Map rendering faster.
  • Removal of polylines for data point of type traffic flow observed.
  • Data points of type air quality, traffic flow and other have now distinct shapes (circle, square and triangle).
  • Added missing snapshot functionality (Not tested).
  • New option on editor for cityenv variable support. If we choose this option the map centers on the selected city.
  • Fix problem with multiple map panels in the same dashboard.
  • Ability to change the icon associated to the layer (with leaflet.awesome-markers).
  • When adding this panel for the first time to a dashboard, metrics are filled with predefined values.
  • Dark theme improvements.


  • Improvements based on grafana development guide best practices.
  • New project structure. Improved DRY.
  • Updated project packages. Leaflet version updated from 0.7 to 1.3.
  • Updated project packages. Highcharts updated from 5.0.15 to 6.1.0.
  • Fix app bugs introduced by Leaflet update.
  • Gruntfile improvements.


  • Project structure improvements. Leaflet and highstock went out from project src and are now a dependency.
  • Support for light and dark themes.
  • From now on this file contents are reverse ordered to get last features on top.


  • Fixes bug where time series with a country code not found in the country data crashes the panel.
  • Adds some extra country codes to the country data to be more similar to the MaxMind Country database.


  • Support for lowercase country codes for non-elasticsearch datasources.


  • Fixes snapshotting.


  • Adds support for json and jsonp endpoints for location data.


  • Adds decimal places option for data values in circle popovers.


  • Updates tile map urls to https to avoid mixed content warnings on https sites.


  • Saves location data in the dashboard json when snapshotting. This means snapshots should work even when using a custom endpoint for returning a location data json file.


  • Fixes bug that meant location data did not refresh after being changed in the editor. It required the page to be refreshed to reload it.


  • Performance fix for snapshotting. Sets maxdatapoints to 1 to minimize data that needs to be saved in the snapshot.


  • Zoom issue fix and adds a states options for USA states location data.



  • New location data option -> table data. Location data can now come from data sources other than graphite and Elasticsearch (InfluxDb for example). See table data instructions above on how to use it.




  • Option for sticky labels. Fix for

  • Ability to hide null or 0 values. Fix for

  • Background color change. Fixes

  • Dynamic thresholds implemented by Sam Hatchett. Can now have more than 2 threshold values. Thanks! Fixes

  • Validation and default values for option fields. Fixes


  • Adds Country data with 3-letter country codes.