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Render metrics using the javascript framework

Works with grafana 4, 5, and 6


Screenshot of scatter plot Screenshot of scatter plot Screenshot of scatter plot Screenshot of 3d scatter plot Screenshot of the options screen


To complie, run:

npm install -g yarn
yarn install --pure-lockfile
yarn build


This plugin uses release-it to release to GitHub.

env GITHUB_TOKEN=your_token yarn release-it patch


  • Fix axis range configuration bug #49
  • Add basic annotations support #57 (tchernobog)
  • Improve loading times for plotly.js and support loading from CDN
  • Assume date x-axis when 'auto' and the mapping has 'time'
  • Support Fixed-Ratio Axes
  • Tested with Grafana 6
  • Upgrade plotly (v1.41+)
  • Better support for light theme. (#24, @cscheuermann81)
  • Support snapshots
  • Removing dist from master branch
  • Support of multiple time series's (#9, CorpGlory DevTeam)
  • Support showing text from query (#11)
  • Template variable support
  • Improved metric mapping
  • Using webpack and basic jest tests
  • Load plotly from npm (v1.31.2+)
  • Convert to TypeScript
  • Reasonable behavior when adding single metric
  • Formatting with prettier.js
  • Support for a single table query
  • Improve options UI
  • Added range mode: "tozero" and "nonnegative"
  • Map metrics to X,Y,Z and color
  • Can now select 'date' type for each axis to support time
  • basic support to size marker with data
  • Added ability to set color from a metric query. (#4, @lzgrablic01)
  • Show 3D axis names properly
  • Fix initalization to work with 4.2+ (isPanelVisible undefined)
  • First working version

Wishlist (help wanted)

  • sizeref helper. I think this depends on the data. likely need to find the range and pick a good value? From react?
  • nice to have:

Installing Plotly on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.