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Moogsoft AIOps App

    Moogsoft AIOps App

    The app enables rich reporting and dashboard features you can access from within Moogsoft AIOps. Get started with the Moogsoft AIOps App as follows:

    1. Install the Moogsoft AIOps app.
    2. Find the Moogsoft AIOps app in the plugins list and enable it using the following settings:

    URL: <URL for Moogsoft AIOps>
    User: <graze username>
    Password: <graze password>

    After you have set up the Moogsoft AIOps app, you can access the default dashboard for AIOps:


    Supported version

    This Grafana app is only supported from Moogsoft AIOps 8.0.0 onwards.

    Template variables

    To setup templating specify the endpoint name in the query field (of the query variable).

    Example: getTeams or getServices.

    In the select dropdowns in the query editor specify the name of the variable with $ prefix. For example if a variable is named Team, specify $Team in the teams dropdown, then hit enter key to add the variable. You can now set team filter by using the variable dropdown at the top of the dashboard.

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    • (Global) Situation Overview

    • Noise Reduction

    • (Team) Situation Overview

    • (Team) Workload Breakdown

    • (Individual) Stats Overview

    • (Individual) User Deep Dive

    • Moogsoft AIOps data source

    • Grafana 5.2.4