Hourly heatmap


Hourly heatmap panel for Grafana.

    Hourly Heatmap for Grafana

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    A panel plugin for Grafana to visualize hourly heatmaps.

    An hourly heatmap aggregates data into buckets by day and hour to analyze activity or traffic during the day.



    The carpet-plot panel plugin is one of the most used plugins for Grafana. Unfortunately, it's no longer being actively maintained.

    Grafana 7.0 introduced a new plugin architecture based on React. Instead of migrating the original plugin from Angular, this is completely rewritten from scratch, using inspiration from the original plugin.



    The Hourly Heatmap panel expects a query that returns a time field, and a number field.

    The name of each field doesn't matter—the panel selects the first field of each required type.

    Display options

    • From and To lets you choose the hours to display. This can be used to set working hours, or to filter parts of the day with low traffic.
    • Show legend toggles the color spectrum.

    Field options

    Custom options

    • Group by sets the size of each bucket.
    • Calculation sets calculation to use for reducing data within a bucket.
    • Color palette sets the colors to use for the heatmap. Select from any of the predefined color palettes, or select Custom to create your own.
    • Invert color palette inverts the currently selected color palette.

    Standard options

    • Min and Max sets the interval used for color mapping. Any data outside this interval will be clamped.
    • Decimals and Unit sets the textual format of each value.


    Missing data

    By default, data sources limits the number of data points to the width of the panel, in pixels. If you're visualizing data over a long time, then you may need to adjust the Max data points under Query options in the query editor.

    Missing data

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    • Grafana 7.x.x