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Calendar panel for Grafana


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The Calendar visualization panel is a Grafana plugin created to display calendar events from data sources.

Calendar plugin for Grafana tutorial | Step by step | JSON API plugin example


  • Grafana 8.5+, Grafana 9.0+ is required.

Getting Started

The calendar panel can be installed from the Grafana Catalog or utilizing the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, use the following command.

grafana-cli plugins install marcusolsson-calendar-panel


  • Displays events in a Weekly or Monthly layout depending on the selected Time Range.
  • Query calendar events from any data source.
  • Allows changing Time Range by clicking on days in the calendar.
  • Supports auto-scrolling to the end of the Time Range.
  • Supports event colors based on Thresholds.
  • Allows opening data link instead of a sidebar when clicking an event.
  • Allows displaying Annotations across all dashboards for the selected Time Range.


EventsExplains how to set up a calendar to display your data.
Release NotesStay up to date with the latest features and updates.


This video outlines all the new features we implemented and explains how to configure events.

How to display events from PostgreSQL | Calendar plugin for Grafana | February 2023 Release


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Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

Installing Calendar on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.


1.3.0 (2023-03-08)

Features / Enhancements

  • Rebuild using Grafana 9.4.3 (#87)
  • Add labels split to display in the drawer (#88)
  • Add annotation tags as labels (#88)
  • Refactor multi-day interval (#89)
  • Add display colors based on Event or Frame id if the Color field is not specified (#90)
  • Add support for Color schemes (#91)
  • Add video configuration tutorial (#92)

Bug fixes

  • Fix scrollable content in the Day drawer (#93)

1.2.0 (2023-02-23)

Breaking changes

Refactoring and Styles migration may introduce breaking changes. Please test before upgrading in Production.

Features / Enhancements

  • Select color for calender entry queries (#67)
  • Filtering out undefined events (#69)
  • Update CI and Release Workflows (#72)
  • Rebuild using Grafana 9.3.6 (#73)
  • Refactor Options Editors to use Field pickers (#74)
  • Refactor Day and Events Drawer (#75)
  • Set No Padding for the Panel (#75)
  • Refactor Day and update Styles (#76)
  • Migrate Styles to v2 (#79)
  • Match Grafana settings for Week Start (#80)
  • Skip undefined events in Drawer (#81)
  • Add Display Time (#82)
  • Update Styles and Screenshot (#83)

1.1.0 (2022-12-12)

Breaking changes

Refactoring may introduce breaking changes. Please test before upgrading in Production.

Features / Enhancements

  • Update Panel options in README (#53)
  • Add Youtube tutorial for Calendar with JSON API data source (#54)
  • Update CI to Node 16 and Synchronize with Release workflow (#56)
  • Update to Grafana 9.2.2 (#57)
  • Code Refactoring (#58)
  • Update to Grafana 9.3.1 (#59)
  • Update CI to upload signed artifacts (#60)
  • Refactor panel options and increase test coverage (#61)
  • Add annotation support (#8)
  • Refactoring and Removing legacy code (#62)
  • Refactor Panel Options and add Annotations options (#63)

1.0.0 (2022-10-02)

Features / Enhancements

  • Maintained by Volkov Labs (#51)
  • Updated based on Volkov Labs Panel Template (#51)
  • Update to Grafana 9.1.6 (#52)

0.7.1 (2022-08-28)

Features / Enhancements

  • Update to Grafana 9

0.7.0 (2022-03-09)

Features / Enhancements

  • Quick links: Enable quick links to follow the data link when you click the event rather than opening a modal.
  • Update to Grafana 8.4.3

0.6.0 (2022-01-28)

Breaking changes

This release bumps the minimum required Grafana to >=8.0. Grafana 8 introduces a new theming engine for panel plugins.

  • If you're running a Grafana version before 8.0, you should stay with v0.5.0.
  • If you're running Grafana 8.0 or above, you should update to v0.6.0.

0.5.0 (2021-09-06)

Features / Enhancements

  • Data links support (#25)
  • New details view: Instead of relying on tooltips, this version uses an inline drawer to display additional details. I like this better, but the built-in drawer component has some limitations. I'm not sure I like that it's a modal for example. I might end up creating a custom sidebar component. Let me know what you think about the new design!

0.4.3 (2021-06-12)

Features / Enhancements

  • Change "Apply time interval" to "Apply time range" to match Grafana
  • Increase contrast for single-day events

0.4.2 (2021-05-22)

Bug fixes

  • classicColors is (still) undefined (#16)

0.4.1 (2021-05-21)

Bug fixes

  • classicColors is undefined (#16)
  • Improve legibility of event text (#15)

0.4.0 (2021-05-20)

Features / Enhancements

  • Show event name if event starts in day out of filter (#13)
  • More calendars and colors (#14)
  • Line breaks in event description (#11)

0.3.0 (2021-05-18)

Features / Enhancements

  • Show more details for individual events (#10)

0.2.0 (2021-05-09)

Features / Enhancements

  • Multi-day events (#1)
  • Display truncated events (#6)
  • Allow string and number fields for time dimensions

0.1.1 (2021-02-10)

No changes.

0.1.0 (2021-02-10)

Initial release. Not fit for production.