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☁️ WordCloud Panel Plugin

This is a Wordcloud/Tagcloud panel for Grafana 7.0+, using the amazing library react-wordcloud

This was boostraped using the new @grafana/toolkit

Screenshot with query


You can find features and personalization options here


You need to configure a datasource so that the query returns a list of tokens and group the result by terms. You should change the names of word, and count fields in the options tab of the plugin according to your query, if you don't default fields with matching types present in your query will be used. The amount of words is configured in the datasource settings. In those settings is also important that you choose "Order by: Doc Count".

Every other settings for the wordcloud can be changed in the plugin options tab.


It would be really nice to use the library's available callbacks to filter grafana dashboard data when a word is clicked. I haven't found a neat way to do this yet. Issue #5

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