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This plugin is no longer maintained. Consult the Grafana documentation and plugin catalog to discover potential alternatives.
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LinkSmart HDS Datasource

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LinkSmart HDS - Grafana Datasource Plugin

Grafana datasource plugin for LinkSmart Historical Datastore (HDS).

Please refer to this page for the plugin's compatibility with different HDS versions.

Sample Dashboard


Install via grafana-cli

sudo grafana-cli plugins install linksmart-hds-datasource

Install from source

git clone linksmart-hds
  • Restart Grafana.


Plugin Configuration

  1. Go to Grafana Configuration.
  2. Select Add data source.
  3. Select LinkSmart HDS Datasource
  4. Provide the necessary details (see below figure) to connect with OGC SensorThings server.
NameThe data source name.
DefaultSet this as the default plugin for new panels.
UrlThe URL of the HDS instance. (Default port is 8085)
AccessServer (Default): Let Grafana server proxy the requests to HDS. \ Browser: Send requests directly from client browser.
Whitelisted CookiesNot applicable for this datasource
Basic AuthAuthenticate to HDS (if required, provide User and Password)
5. Save & Test, you should see this confirmation:

Query Configuration

MetricThe ID and name of the metric (HDS Datasource)
SourceThe measurement, aggregates, and retention policy (Preconfigured at HDS)


Build the source

npm install 
npm run build

Sample HDS for Demonstration Purposes

To run Historical Datastore in demo mode (with continuously growing dummy senml data)

docker run -p 8085:8085  linksmart/hds -demo -conf /conf/docker.json

Installing LinkSmart HDS Datasource on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.