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Hubble datasource plugin for Grafana

Hubble datasource plugin allows querying data produced by Hubble - the observability layer of Cilium - from Grafana.

Some of the features work with Cilium OSS, others require Isovalent Cilium Enterprise - those are marked with an info box.


There are three underlying data stores that can be configured in Hubble data source:

  • Timescape - an observability and analytics platform for eBPF collected Hubble flow data and Tetragon process events which allows querying historical data shipped as part of Isovalent Cilium Enterprise. It's used in Flows and Process Ancestry queries.
  • Prometheus - must store Hubble metrics, used in Service Map query
  • Tempo - used in Flows query


Hubble datasource plugin supports three query types: Service Map, Flows, and Process Ancestry. Queries support dashboard variables, with possible limitations.

Service Map

The Service Map query renders an interactive service map from Hubble HTTP metrics. It's designed to be visualized as a node graph. The graph nodes contain dropdowns with links to detailed Prometheus queries.

For Service Map to work correctly, Hubble HTTP metrics have to be enabled with correct labels: at least source and destination. Filters require additional labels, e.g. destination_namespace. Refer to the Hubble metrics documentation for configuration details. This also requires Hubble Layer 7 visibility to be configured for your HTTP services, in order to the HTTP metrics to be generated. Below is an example of Helm values for Cilium with Hubble metrics enabled:

      - "httpV2:sourceContext=workload-name|pod-name|reserved-identity;destinationContext=workload-name|pod-name|reserved-identity;labelsContext=source_namespace,destination_namespace,traffic_direction"
      - "kafka:sourceContext=workload-name|pod-name|reserved-identity;destinationContext=workload-name|pod-name|reserved-identity;labelsContext=source_namespace,destination_namespace,traffic_direction"
    enableOpenMetrics: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      namespace: monitoring


The Flows query requires a connection to a Timescape server storing Hubble flows. It retrieves raw network flows for the selected time range and filters.

If applications propagate trace context following the W3C standard, then Hubble flows will contain trace ID. Providing a Tempo datasource is linked in Hubble datasource settings, trace IDs in Flows query results will link to Tempo queries.

Process Ancestry

The Process Ancestry query requires a connection to a Timescape server storing Tetragon process events. It renders a process ancestry tree for the selected pod. It's designed to be used with Process Ancestry panel plugin.


  • At the moment Timescape connection doesn't support TLS and authentication. That means Timescape has to be deployed without TLS or Hubble RBAC enabled. Support for both is planned before the first stable (production-ready) release.
  • Some of the filters are multi-select and multi-value dashboard variables, but not all. Expect breaking changes to the filters before the first stable (production-ready) release.

Installing Hubble on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Support Timescape v1.1.0
  • Process Ancestry: fetch full process ancestry


  • Log Timescape client at debug level instead of info
  • Avoid using Grafana class-names directly


  • Add support for TLS, OAuth2 token pass through, and basic auth
  • Convert latency dataframe field into float64 seconds with unit
  • Add Tetragon Pod Process Ancestry dashboard
  • Support filtering by namespace in pods variables
  • Improve error handling of URLs without schemes


  • Update Flows by protocol dashboard
  • GetFlows: Support multi-select dashboard variables
  • GetFlows: Make protocol filter a MultiSelect
  • GetFlows: Make verdict filters a MultiSelect
  • GetFlows: Make namespace filter a MultiSelect
  • Fix Timescape healthcheck - use v1 API
  • Refactor service map prometheus queries
  • Support cilium to v1.13.2-cee.1-gen-tag
  • Sign plugin as commercial instead of private


  • Service Map: Reduce the volume of Prometheus queries
  • Service Map: Fix statistics calculations
  • Add License
  • Add two dashboards using the plugin
  • Service Map: Display only active connections
  • backend: Add missing json tags on some struct members
  • backend: Reduce logs level from Info to Debug
  • Reuse Timescape gRPC client
  • QueryEditor: Don't display Enterprise InfoBox if Timescape URL is configured
  • Process Ancestry: Support pods dropdown


  • Service Map: Add support for dashboard variables
  • Service Map: Fix displaying statistics
  • Service Map: Fix visualization in dashboards
  • Service Map: Query only metrics with non-empty source and destination
  • Process Ancestry: Fix namespace formatting
  • backend: Return error when getting the client fails
  • backend: Add unit tests for GetFlowsQuery
  • Add screenshots to plugin.json
  • Change logo to the Isovalent one
  • docs: Write user-facing documentation in
  • docs: Move developer instructions to
  • docs: Document release process in

0.0.5-alpha.1 (Unreleased)

  • Renamed the plugin from Cilium to Hubble, updating the logo on the way
  • Timescape backend is now optional
  • Migrate to create-plugin instead of toolkit
  • Add alpo-1 and alpo-2 to plugin signed root urls
  • Bump vendored Hubble Timescape to v1.0.0-beta16

0.0.4-alpha.1 (Unreleased)

  • Add variable support to GetFlows query
  • GetFlows: Tidy flow table display
  • GetFlows: Link trace-id to Tempo
  • Config: Allow clearing the prometheus and tempo datasources

0.0.3-alpha.1 (Unreleased)

  • Display traceID in Flows table
  • Get Flows: Filter by workload and trace-id on the backend
  • Support filtering by source/destination namespace in ServiceMap

0.0.2-alpha.1 (Unreleased)

  • Fetch timescape pods for process ancestory
  • Fix request duration and request failure rate queries when linking to Prometheus
  • Get Flows: Only show drop reason when flow is dropped
  • Get Flows: Show workload information
  • Get Flows: Add inputs for filtering by workload, trace-id and protocol
  • Update to Hubble Timescape beta15

0.0.1-alpha.2 (Unreleased)

  • Enable flows aggregation
  • Support namespace filtering
  • Re-order src/destination namespace display
  • Replace plugin time-range picker with top-level Grafana time-range picker.
  • Add query type selector
  • Add Service Map query type based on Hubble HTTP metrics

0.0.1-alpha.1 (Unreleased)

Initial release.