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Isa Ozler

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Pareto Chart

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Grafana Pareto Panel Plugin

Edit Panel

This plugin provides you the ability to draw a Pareto chart with RDB and TimeSeries databases.


  • Setting a custom background color to the tooltip overlay
  • Configurable vital few and trivial many lines
  • Pan and zoom for detailed info without changing date range
  • Set decimals count on displayed values
  • Specify bar spacing
  • Quickly copy bar data to clipboard simply by clicking on the bar
  • Option to show/hide bar values on default
  • Style graphs to need

TimeSeries (InfluxDB) dashboard impression

Dashboard impression

MySQL Example

Provide the defects which could be "categories" (type string) for example and a frequency value cummulatives/counts (type number).

Error 110
Error 24
Error 31

Example Query

SELECT _label_, _count_, ...
FROM _table_

Installing Pareto Chart on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.