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Humio datasource for Grafana

Humio Datasource

The Humio Datasource for Grafana allows you to visualize your Humio data within Grafana. Full documentation can be found at the official humio docs and usage examples can be found here.


The vision for this project, is to create a plugin for Grafana, which allows users to create Grafana panels that pull data from Humio. It should be possible for users to write pure Humio queries in Grafana to populate their panels. Development seeks to keep the plugin up to date with both Grafana and Humio as they evolve.


This project is maintained by employees at Humio ApS. As a general rule, only employees at Humio can become maintainers and have commit privileges to this repository. Therefore, if you want to contribute to the project, which we very much encourage, you must first fork the repository. Maintainers will have the final say on accepting or rejecting pull requests. As a rule of thumb, pull requests will be accepted if:

  • The contribution fits with the project's vision
  • All automated tests have passed
  • The contribution is of a quality comparable to the rest of the project

The maintainers will attempt to react to issues and pull requests quickly, but their ability to do so can vary. If you haven't heard back from a maintainer within 7 days of creating an issue or making a pull request, please feel free to ping them on the relevant post.

Maintainers will also be in charge of both versioning and publishing future releases of the project. This includes adding versioning tags and adding to the changelog file.

The active maintainers involved with this project include:

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