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Data Source

Grafana Work Stats

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Grafana Data Source Backend Plugin Template


This template is a starting point for building Grafana Data Source Backend Plugins

What is Grafana Data Source Backend Plugin?

Grafana supports a wide range of data sources, including Prometheus, MySQL, and even Datadog. There’s a good chance you can already visualize metrics from the systems you have set up. In some cases, though, you already have an in-house metrics solution that you’d like to add to your Grafana dashboards. Grafana Data Source Plugins enables integrating such solutions with Grafana.

For more information about backend plugins, refer to the documentation on Backend plugins.

Getting started

A data source backend plugin consists of both frontend and backend components.


  1. Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. Build plugin in development mode or run in watch mode
yarn dev


yarn watch
  1. Build plugin in production mode
yarn build


  1. Update Grafana plugin SDK for Go dependency to the latest minor version:
go get -u
  1. Build backend plugin binaries for Linux, Windows and Darwin:
mage -v
  1. List all available Mage targets for additional commands:
mage -l

Learn more

Installing Grafana Work Stats on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


  • Initial Release