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Data Source

Grafana Pyroscope

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Grafana Pyroscope Data Source - Native Plugin

Grafana ships with built in support for Grafana Pyroscope, an open source continuous profiling platform.

What is Grafana Pyroscope?

Grafana Pyroscope is an open source continuous profiling platform. It will help you:

  • Find performance issues and bottlenecks in your code
  • Use high-cardinality tags/labels to analyze your application
  • Resolve issues with high CPU utilization
  • Track down memory leaks
  • Understand the call tree of your application
  • Auto-instrument your code to link profiling data to traces

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  • Minimal CPU overhead
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Efficient compression, low disk space requirements
  • Can handle high-cardinality tags/labels
  • Calculate the performance "diff" between various tags/labels and time periods
  • Advanced analysis UI

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This plugin is included with Grafana and does not require installation. Woo.