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Grafana Polystat Panel

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This panel plugin provides a D3-based multistat panel for Grafana 7.3+.

A hexagon is created for each metric received, with the ability to group metrics into a composite metric, and display the triggered state of the composite.


This plugin supports autoscaling for best-fit sizing of each polygon to the panel size. When the complete text cannot be displayed, only tooltips are active.

All visible


Scaled down


Scaled down with tooltip



State with Composites



Specify the desired number of columns and rows, or select Autosize to allow the plugin to calculate a "best fit" for the size of the panel.


Max # of columns to create


Max # rows to create NOTE: if both columns and rows are set, only rows*columns will be displayed, generally one or none should be set.

Display Limit

Set a limit on number of hexagons to be displayed, set to 0 for no limit.



Set the size of the polygon to a fixed size, or select auto-size for "best fit".





Set the font to be used for Tooltips




Show all Show triggered

Show all example

Global Aliasing

This field allows you to specify a regular expression to pick a portion of matching metric names to be rendered instead of the full name.

If you have these 3 Queries, returning a series: Foo-A, values 1,2,3 Bar-B, values 4,5,6 Misc, values 7,8,9

Before Aliasing

Adding the regular expression: /(Foo|Bar)/, will display:

After Aliasing

Specify a regular expression to pick a portion of matching metric names.


Click Through

Click through to use when none are defined for a hexagon.

Show Metric Name

Display the metric in the hexagon

Show Metric Value

Display the metric value


Overrides without Thresholds

Overrides with Thresholds

Overrides Rendered


Composites with Thresholds

Composite Rendered with Tooltip



Animate Composites

Animate hexagon to display metrics if there are composites

Animation Example


Speed of animation in milliseconds


This plugin supports "ranged" states.

Thresholds are expected to be sorted by ascending value, where

T0 = lowest decimal value, any state
TN = highest decimal value, any state

Initial state is set to "ok"

A comparison is made using "greater than or equal to" against the value If value >= thresholdValue state = X

Comparisons are made in reverse order, using the range between the Nth (inclusive) threshold and N+1 (exclusive)

  InclusiveValue = T(n).value
  ExclusiveValue = T(n+1).value

When there is no n+1 threshold, the highest value threshold T(n), a simple inclusive >= comparison is made

Example 1: (typical linear)

    T0 - 5, ok
    T1 - 10, warning
    T2 - 20, critical
  Value >= 20 (Value >= T2)
  10 <= Value < 20  (T1 <= Value < T2)
  5 <= Value < 10   (T0 <= Value < T1)

Example 2: (reverse linear)

    T0 - 50, critical
    T1 - 90, warning
    T2 - 100, ok
  Value >= 100
  90 <= value < 100
  50 <= value < 90

Example 3: (bounded)

    T0 - 50, critical
    T1 - 60, warning
    T2 - 70, ok
    T3 - 80, warning
    T4 - 90, critical
    Value >= 90
    80 <= Value < 90
    70 <= Value < 80
    60 <= Value < 70
    50 <= Value < 60

The "worst" state is returned after checking every threshold range

Time Range

Additional Screenshots


Hovering over a hexagon shows the metrics that comprise the displayed state. For composites this will expand members of the composite.


State with composites

This shows creation of composites, where you select which metrics comprise the composite.

State with Composites

This shows composites configured for GPU 0,1,2,3, and non-grouped metrics from GPU4-7.

State with partial composites


Using Dashboard Template Variables

Template variables are available in the clickThroughUrl setting, specified by using ${varname}. They can also be passed to another dashboard by appending var-VARNAME=value to the url


Using Polystat Variables

Each polygon represents either a single metric, or a composite metric

An example drilldown clickthrough url can be specified like this:


NOTE: Metrics are sorted using the global options "Sorting" settings. Global filters are also applied before dereferencing is performed.

Single Metric Variables

The name and value of a polygon can be referenced using the following syntax:

  • Metric Name: ${__cell_name}
  • Metric Value: ${__cell}
  • Metric Raw Value: ${__cell:raw} syntax. By default values are URI encoded. Use this syntax to disable encoding
Composite Metric Variables

The names and values of a composite polygon can be referenced using the following syntax:

  • Composite Name: ${__composite_name}
  • Metric Name: ${__cell_name_n}
  • Metric Value: ${__cell_n}
  • Metric Raw Value: ${__cell_n:raw} syntax. By default values are URI encoded. Use this syntax to disable encoding


This plugin relies on @grafana/toolkit, typical build sequence:

yarn install
yarn build

For development, you can run:

yarn watch

The code will be parsed then copied into "dist" if "jslint" passes without errors.

Docker Support

A docker-compose.yml file is include for easy development and testing, just run

docker-compose up

Then browse to http://localhost:3000

External Dependencies

  • Grafana 7.3+

Enable Grafana TestData

Grafana TestData is not enabled by default. To enable it, first navigate to the Plugins section, found in your Grafana main menu. Click the Apps tabs in the Plugins section and select the Grafana TestData App. (Or navigate to http://your_grafana_instance/plugins/testdata/edit to go directly there). Finally click the enable button to enable.


This panel is based on this D3 example:

Many thanks to contributors:

  • Mathieu Rollet (matletix)
  • Mattias Jiderhamn (mjiderhamn)
  • AnushaBoggarapu
  • KamalakarGoretta
  • Rene Hennig (renehennig)
  • Hamza Ziyani (HZiyani)

and many others!

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Change Log



  • Fix for multiple queries not displaying when one or more contain no data
  • Sorting by field "value" now works #205
  • Fix default fill color #201
  • Display "NO DATA" instead of blank panel #199
  • Minor auto-layout ajustment for better fit


  • Add support for global aliasing using regular expression
  • Fix custom border color #197
  • Updated docs


  • Fix for null data from a query stopping processing other queries


  • Convert to use dataframes
  • Add support for Ellipses when using Fixed Font Size Labels
  • Add support for composite creation using template variable


  • Fix for polygon click-through causing incorrect fill color, Issues #174 #154
  • Support global value mappings in Overrides #164, Issue #159
  • Compute X and Y mouse positions in mouseover #166, Issue #163
  • Increase polystat-panel-tooltip z-index #165, Issue #130
  • Fix for composite threshold evalation using global thresholds #174, Issues #158 and #173
  • Fix for default warning color not rendering corectly #179
  • Feature: Tooltip can now be disabled (on by default), PR 158


  • Fix for gradient threshold color issue #126


  • Update for v6 event compatibility
  • Global hide/value feature
  • Fix for custom sizing #136
  • Text alignment fix for "square" and "circle" shapes
  • Fix for crashing issue #135
  • Fix for tooltip width #133


  • Grafana 7.0.0 release with plugin signing


  • New: Sort options for polygons and tooltips (issue #37)
  • New: Square-shape polygon now available (issue #92)
  • New: Optional Global thresholds
  • New: Sorting options for values and labels of polygons
  • New: Templating support for overrides and composites


  • fixes variable encoding in clickthrough urls


  • implemented metric referencing for clickthroughs (issue #38)
  • implemented composite name referencing
  • implemented template variables for clickthroughs
  • fixed bug with default clickthrough and sanitize url


  • Update Logo
  • Fixed threshold evaluation
  • Added global fill color option
  • Autoscaling fonts has better results
  • Refactor UI for overrides, implement enable/disable
  • Refactor UI for composites, implement enable/disable
  • Implement global fill color for no thresholds
  • Now correctly parses custom color selection


  • Default to roboto font
  • Default to short units and 2 decimals
  • Moved panel options outside of saved config
  • Add global unit format and global decimals
  • No longer errors when thresholds not found
  • Refactor thresholds to allow range evaluation in overrides
  • Refactor and implement custom gradients for overrides


  • Fixed composite state evaluations
  • Added ability to set color and size of polygon border
  • Single shape now centers itself
  • Non-composites now show their value if possible
  • New tests added to verify fixes


  • Panel no longer shares data/affects other panels of same type


  • Added Options -> Show Timestamp checkbox for tooltips


  • Initial commit