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Orbit data source for Grafana

CI Release

A data source for Orbit that lets you monitor your community with Grafana.

With the Orbit data source you can compare community activity with application performance, and to better understand your (DevRel) impact, for example spikes across the forum around releases or events.


  • An Orbit account.
  • A Orbit workspace.
  • A Grafana installation.

Configure the data source

To configure the Orbit data source you need the workspace path and a API token from Orbit.

Workspace pathPath to the Orbit workspace you want to monitor.
API tokenToken used to authenticate against the Orbit API.

You can get both of these fields by logging into your Orbit workspace.

  • To get the workspace path, browse to Settings -> Workspace Name and copy the text in the WORKSPACE PATH text box.
  • To get the API token, browse to Account Settings -> API Token and click Copy.

Installing Orbit on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.




  • Update @grafana packages to 9.2.0


Initial release.