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Grafana Mock datasource plugin

:warning: This datasource plugin is in beta. It is designed for validating various grafana compatibility issues. Don't use it in any production environments.

Grafana mock datasource plugin is an utility datasource plugin useful for grafana developers and grafana plugin developers. This plugin is used debug/simulate various scenarios related to plugins.

Develop locally

  • Clone the repo git clone and cd mock-datasource
  • Install dependencies yarn install
  • Build the frontend yarn build or just yarn devto build without tests
  • Build the backend mage -v
  • Run the plugin locally docker-compose up or GR_VERSION=9.0.1 docker-compose up to specify the version.
  • Watch frontend changes yarn watch

Installing Mock on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Raw Frame - Raw frame editor now supports custom status codes and error messages
  • Annotations Editor - Enabled annotations editor
  • Chore - Backend compiled with latest go version 1.19.3
  • Plugin SDK - Grafana plugin SDK updated to v0.142.0


  • Initial version