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Enterprise plugins, along with support and assistance from the core team behind Grafana, are available with Grafana Enterprise.

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Grafana Metrics Enterprise App

Grafana Metrics Enterprise is a commercial offering based on the open-source project Cortex. The commercial offering allows you to deploy a higly-scalable, simple, and reliable Metrics cluster in your own datacenter. The plugin gives you an easy way to manage your metrics cluster.


  • Instance Management to easily scale from one to hundreds of metrics instances on a single Metrics Enterprise cluster.
  • Access Policies and Tokens to give you full control and visibility on who can access what.
  • Ingester statuses to give you an overview on the current status of the ingesters in the cluster.


Once the app has been installed into your Grafana instance, it needs to be enabled and initialized.

To enable and initialize the app:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Plugins within your Grafana instance, then select the "Grafana Metrics Enterprise" app from the list.
  2. Click the Enable plugin button on the plugin page to enable the plugin.
  3. Fill out the API Settings section using the bootstrap token for your enterprise Cortex and a URL where it can be accessed.

After these steps the plugin is ready to be used.

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  • Grafana 7.3.x