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The k6 Cloud App plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.


k6 Cloud App

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Note: The k6 Cloud Grafana App plugin is deprecated. We stopped the plugin development in favor of Grafana Cloud k6.

Grafana plugin for k6 Cloud. This plugin allows you to:

  • Manage, run and visualize your k6 Cloud tests
  • Add k6 visualizations to your existing dashboards
  • Correlate k6 metrics with other metrics


This plugin is currently in Beta release and many changes are expected. Pay attention to new versions being released.


Installing k6 Cloud App on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • [fix] Fix test run notes update


  • [fix/refactor/feat] Breakdown tables crashes when no data is available
  • [feat] Store test run tab states in query parameters
  • [feat] Per scenario performance overview
  • [feat] Add support for creating and editing test run notes
  • [feat] Top navigation support
  • [feat] Add zero state for test page and test card
  • [feat] Add checks counter of succeeded failed checks
  • [feat] Separate name, condition and value columns in threshold table
  • [feat] Add checks counter of succeeded failed checks
  • [feat] Add CLI instructions to new test page
  • [fix] Make links in CollapsibleSection clickable


  • [fix] Fix typo in to fix builds


  • [feat] Support for editable ranges in CodeEditor
  • [feat] Run test via CLI guide
  • [feat] Add websockets tab in the insights panel
  • [feat] Batch deletion of tests
  • [feat] Add server side sorting to the tables in the insights panel tabs
  • [feat] Logs panel


  • [feat] Add advanced filtering to gRPC tab


  • [feat] Add advanced filtering to results tables
  • [fix] Fix broken redirect when starting a test from runs page


  • [feat] Add Test Builder
  • [feat] Add GRPC tab in the insights panel
  • [fix] Test card hover state
  • [fix] Capitalize results table headers


  • [feat] Pagination added to HTTP, Checks & Thresholds.
  • [fix] Glitchy time series tooltip.


  • [fix] Threshold drill-down chart crashing when there is no data available.


  • [feat] Performance Insights.
  • [feat] End-of-test summary.
  • [feat] Per protocol performance overview.
  • [feat] Improved test-trending chart.
  • [feat] Success / Total ratio added to result tabs.
  • [feat] Test result script preview.


  • [feat] Add ability to edit and create tests.
  • [feat] Add support for dynamic dashboard variables.
  • [feat] Display load zone info in Runs view.
  • [fix] Improve number and date formatting.


  • [fix] Chart lines overflow range when test is started.
  • [fix] Support variables in custom dashboards.
  • [feat] Improve chart style.


  • [feat] Simplify setup process by creating datasource from plugin screen.
  • [fix] Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • [refactor] Remove unnecessary fetches & refactor.
  • [refactor] Extract fetches into hooks.
  • [fix] Fix copy to clipboard for http charts.
  • [feat] Cache fetched data and revalidate in background.
  • [feat] Add error handling and loading indicators.
  • [feat] Add additional meta bar info.


  • [fix] include all metrics when copying HTTP chart.


Initial release.