AWS IoT SiteWise

Data Source

A managed service to collect, store, organize and monitor data from industrial equipment

    AWS IoT SiteWise Datasource

    This datasource supports reading data from AWS IoT SiteWise and showing it in a Grafana dashboard.

    Add the data source

    1. In the side menu under the Configuration link, click on Data Sources.
    2. Click the Add data source button.
    3. Select IoT sitewise in the Industrial & IoT section.


    The IoT SiteWise plugin authentication matches the standard Cloudwatch plugin system. See the grafana cloudwatch documentation for authentication options and setup.

    Once authentication is configured, click "Save and Test" to verify the service is working. Once this is configured, you can specify default values for the configuration.

    Query editor

    Use the "query type" selector to pick an appropriate query. query-editor

    Click on the "Explore" button to open an asset/model navigation interface: query-editor

    Multiple aggregations can be showin for a single property: query-editor


    Standard grafana alertings is support with this plugin, however note that alert queries may not include template variables. See the Alerting documentation for more on Grafana alerts.

    Configure the data source with provisioning

    You can configure data sources using config files with Grafana's provisioning system. You can read more about how it works and all the settings you can set for data sources on the provisioning docs page.

    Here are some provisioning examples for this data source.

    Using a credentials file

    If you are using Credentials file authentication type, then you should use a credentials file with a config like this.

    apiVersion: 1
      - name: IoT Sitewise
        type: datasource
          authType: credentials
          defaultRegion: us-east-1

    Using accessKey and secretKey

    apiVersion: 1
      - name: IoT Sitewise
        type: datasource
          authType: keys
          defaultRegion: us-east-1
          accessKey: '<your access key>'
          secretKey: '<your secret key>'
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    • Grafana 7.3.0