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Druid as a Data Source for Grafana

Table of Contents

What is this Druid-Grafana plugin?

Grafana doesn't supports Druid as a Data Source, this plugin aims to do so.


At the time of writing, the plugin supports all Grafana features and all Druid queries:

  • Druid queries: SQL, timeseries, topn, groupby, timeboundary, segmentmetadata, datasourcemetadata, scan, search, JSON
  • Variables: Grafana global variables replacement, query variables, formatter druid:json (provide support for multi-value variables within rune queries).
  • Alerts
  • Explore
  • Logs

if you're using a self-signed TLS certificate, an option to "Skip TLS verify" will be shown when "https" is used in datasource URI)


Datasource - Connection

Datasource - connection

Datasource - Default settings

Datasource - default settings



Query builder - JSON

Query builder - JSON

Query builder - SQL

Query builder - SQL

Query builder - Timeseries

Query builder - timeseries

Query builder - Settings

Query builder - settings



Variables - Formatter - druid:json

Variables - formatter - druid:json

Explore - Logs

Explore - logs

Query builder - Settings - Logs

Query builder - settings - logs


Any contribution is welcome! Feel free to join on Slack to discuss :) To go further, see Contribute


  • From grafana-cli plugins install grafadruid-druid-datasource $VERSION
    • If $VERSION is not specified latest version will be installed
  • From remote archive: grafana-cli --pluginUrl$VERSION/grafadruid-druid-datasource-$ plugins install grafadruid-druid-datasource
  • From local archive: unzip grafadruid-druid-datasource-$ -d $YOUR_PLUGIN_DIR

Where $VERSION is for instance 1.0.0 and $YOUR_PLUGIN_DIR is for instance /var/lib/grafana/plugins



You can try out various advanced features of the plugin by importing the demo dashboard and running it against the Wikipedia dataset used in the Druid quickstart tutorial.

When using the provided docker based environment (./mage env:start && ./mage), the dataset is automatically ingested in Druid, the datasource and dashboard are automatically provisionned in Grafana.

Installing Druid on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.