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Gaurav Shah


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The MetaQueries plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

Data Source


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Meta Queries Plugin for Grafana:

Meta Queries plugin is built as a data source plugin and can be used in conjunction with other data source to show computed metrics like Moving Average, Time Shift.


Need to clone this repo into your grafana plugins directory (default /var/lib/grafana/plugins if your installing grafana with package). Restart grafana-server and the plugin should be automatically detected and used.

git clone
sudo service grafana-server restart


  1. Create a new datasource and select MetaQueries as the desired type. Screenshot

  2. And new panel and set the MetaQueries as the data source.

  3. On the top right corner, Click on Add query. Select the desired data source and specify the query as desired (add a few more).

  4. Add a MetaQueries query, and preform the wanted manipulation (examples listed below) The Reference to the queries should be made both by query and it's metrics names. For example, from query A we'd like to work against metric calls Test, the refferer should be A['test'].



Lets you perform arithmetic operations on one or more existing queries. Screenshot Screenshot

Moving Average


Time Shift



Grafana Meta Queries plugin 0.0.1 and above are supported for Grafana: 4.x.x

Supports Nesting

  • Moving average of moving average
  • Moving average of time shift
  • Time shift of Moving average
  • Time shift of Time Shift

Known issue

  • Moving average on arithmetic is not supported
  • TimeShift on arithmetic is not supported


Lot of features might still not be implemented. Your contributions are welcome.

Installing MetaQueries on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.