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The Cloudera Manager plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

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Cloudera Manager

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Cloudera Manager Datasource for Grafana 3.x

This plugin for Grafana provides a basic datasource for querying metrics available in Cloudera Manager through its "tsquery" language. It supports Cloudera Manager API versions v4 and higher.

This project is open source pursuant to the Apache License, Version 2.0. It is copyright (C) 2015-2016 by Foursquare Labs, Inc.


The easiest way to install this plugin is with grafana-cli. Just run the following command:

grafana-cli plugins install foursquare-clouderamanager-datasource


  1. Add a new datasource and choose "Cloudera Manager" as the type.

  2. Fill in the "Url" and other server parameters.

  3. Click "Test Connection" to verify that you entered the information correctly.

  4. Set "API Version" to match the API version reported by Test Connection.

  5. Cick "Save".


Use this datasource just like you would use any other datasource. Fill in a "tsquery" metric query in the input box and you should see metrics.

This datasource is very minimal and so there is no autocompletion support.

Read the tsquery documentation to learn more about tsquery.


To compile, run the following commands:

npm install

To install in your Grafana server locally, either point Grafana at the repository directory by editing grafana.ini to contain:

path = /path/to/some/directory/datasource-plugin-clouderamanager

Or symlink the repository directory into the Grafana server's plugin directory:

cd /path/to/grafana/data/plugins
ln -s /path/to/some/directory/datasource-plugin-clouderamanager .

Then restart the Grafana server.


  • Tom Dyas

Installing Cloudera Manager on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.