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Windrose Panel for Grafana

Render metrics into a windrose chart.



For linux ubuntu 16.04, first get nvm installed. some instructions can be found here.

After nvm installation, activate one engine. Here version 8.x is picked for no particular reason.

nvm install v8
nvm use v8


To complie, run:

npm install -g yarn
yarn install --pure-lockfile


  • This plugin is modified from plotly panel for grafana and currently has many inconsistent variable names to be refactored.

Authors and contributors

The Grafana Windrose Plugin was initiated as a part of the joint research project among RCAS, RCEC of Academia Sinica of Taiwan; NCHC, TORI of Natioanl Applied Research Laboratories of Taiwan and Taiwan Generations Corporation. It was developed by Sea Bunny Corporation and released under MIT license.

The contacts of developers are

Chih-Yu Kuo Research Fellow, RCAS, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


Chun-Yun Wang, Sea Bunny Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan.

RCAS: Research Center for Applied Sciences, RCEC: Research Center for Environmental Changes, NCHC: National Center for High-performance Computing, TORI: Taiwan Ocean Research Institute.

The code based is modified from a fork of plotly panel for grafana.

Installing WindRose on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.