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Untimely Grafana Panel Screenshot


The Untimely Grafana plugin is a panel that facilitates working with distances on the x-axis (or anything else that isn't time).

You add queries to your visualization, then select the query that represents the x-axis. The different series will then be interlinked based on their timestamps.

It's based on the Grafana React example using Typescript.


  • Resets: whenever the x-axis value resets, dropping below a previous value, the graph values keep going
  • Legend: the panel has a simple legend, similar looking to the default Grafana legend
  • Tooltip: the panel has a simple tooltip, supporting multiple series, similar to the default Grafana tooltip
  • Offset: when the x-values have a certain offset, you can define this

Usage and tips

  • Use the decimal formatting to choose how many decimals should be in the ticks and on the tooltip
  • When you have resets, choose the 'max' selector for your x-axis series and the 'min' selector for the other series
  • A little downwards arrow next to a value denotes that there is a reset

Installing Untimely on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Update toolkit to fix issue with missing tslib
  • Fix conflicting rules with eslint and prettier
  • Fix failing tests
  • Introduce provisioning to make easier to develop plugin
  • Introduce webpack live reload for provisioned dev env


Update dependencies and fix panel editor not displaying on Grafana > v8.3.3


Update dependencies and fix panel editor not displaying on Grafana > v7.3.0


Initial release