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ESNET Matrix Panel

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Matrix Panel Plugin

This plugin creates a 2D matrix showing the relationship between 2 selected fields (source and target). Note: This is NOT inteded to use with time series data or large data sets. It also will not render if there are >200 rows or columns



Source Field: The field you want to use on the vertical axis. Target Field: The field you want to use on the horizontal axis. Value Field: The metric you want to use to color the boxes. Source/Target/Value Text: The text to appear in the tool tip.

Cell Size: The size of each square. This number sets the width of the square in pixels. Cell Padding: The relative padding between each square. Text Length: The max number of characters to include before truncating the label. Using a smaller number here can help prevent Text Size: The size of the text labels

Null Color: The color to use for a square when "null" is returned by the query No Data Color: The color to use for a square when there is no value returned by the query for the specified source and target pair.


The color of each square will be determined by the selected metric and the color choice in the Standard Options.

Installing ESNET Matrix Panel on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



update grafana tooling to webpack