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Chord Panel Plugin

This is a panel plugin for generating Chord diagrams in Grafana 8.3+. This plugin uses a locally included version of d3.



This plugin uses non time series data and requires each row to have 2 data fields and a metric or value field.

NOTE: If the panel is blank even though your data input is correct, it may be too small. Try resizing the panel until it is large enough to display the chord diagram.



Source Field: The query field to use as the source of the chord.

Target Field: The query field to use as the target of the chord.

Value Field: The query field (usually the metric) to be used to determine the thickness of the each chord.

Text Length: The amount of space alloted for labels on the outside of the diagram.


Units: Set the units for the values in the Standard Options section.

Installing ESnet Chord on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



First release to Grafana Community plugins