Dynamic image panel


Concatenate a metric to an URL in order to display an image
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Grafana image panel

Display an image by concatenation of an URL, a metric and a suffix.
The result will be : baseURL + icon field + suffix.


If queries select multiple fields, use the outer join transform.


configuration panel
Options for building image URL :

  • Base URL (optional) : the start of the URL where to fetch image. Can be left empty if icon field already contains the base URL.
  • Icon field : field that contains the name of the image. The special value First non time field will use the first non time field it finds. This is the default value.
  • Suffix (optional) : string to add at the end.

Image options

configuration panel
Options that allow to choose how the image will be displayed :

  • Image width : the width of the image
  • Image height : the height of the image
  • Single fill : if the query have a unique result, allow to fill the panel instead of using width and height above
  • Alt field : field to use as alt. The special value Use icon field will use the same field as Icon field. This is the default value.

Image tooltip options

configuration panel
Options to add and customize a tooltip :

  • Include tooltip : a tooltip will be display when the mouse hover over the image
  • Include field : include a field value in the tooltip text
  • Tooltip field : select the field values to display in the tooltip. The special value Use icon field will use the same field as Icon field. This is the default value.
  • Include date : the tooltip will include the date and time
  • As elapsed : the date will be displayed as an elapsed date (ie. 4h hours ago)




Follow instructions from grafana plugin web page



  • Base URL and suffix are optional


  • Change default values for tooltip and date inclusion


  • Allow to select a field to use as alt image attribute
  • Add a configurable Tooltip


  • Use the same tooltip as graph panel
  • Auto select first field instead of having a 'First non time field'


Logo for the plugin was found here and is under MIT license.

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