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Data Source

Checkmk for Cloud Edition

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Checkmk data source for Checkmk Cloud Edition

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Checkmk Grafana Data Source Plugin


This data source plugin for Grafana allows to address Checkmk as source and to display individual metrics in Grafana.


To make use of the plugin, you need to take care the correct versions are installed. You need to match both, the Grafana and the Checkmk version:

  • Grafana 8.0.0 or higher
  • Checkmk Cloud Edition 2.2.0 or higher for the signed plugin available from Grafana
  • Checkmk 2.1.0 or higher for the unsigned plugin available from Github

Installing the plug-in

The signed plug-in can be installed from the Grafana marketplace or by using the grafana-cli:

grafana-cli plugins install checkmk-cloud-datasource

For the installation of the unsigned plugin, please take a look at the official Checkmk User Guide.

Official documentation

For detailed information regarding the installation, configuration and usage, please consult the official Checkmk User Guide.

Further information

See for information about updating from previous versions.

See for information about how to test, build and release this software.


This project is using the Apache-2.0 license.

Installing Checkmk for Cloud Edition on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • update dependencies


  • added support for query variables
  • better error message for missing mandatory fields


  • We now build and ship a signed version of this plugin:
    • The signed plugin "Checkmk data source for Checkmk Cloud Edition" will only talk to the Cloud Edition of checkmk
    • the plugin id is checkmk-cloud-datasource, so dashboards created with the unsigned data source (id=tribe-29-checkmk-datasource) needs to be recreated. We will try to provide a script to automatically transfer existing dashboards in the near future.
    • The unsigned plugin (id=tribe-29-checkmk-datasource) will continue to work and will still be maintained.
  • Adapted the build process of the plugin to use @grafana/create-plugin
  • "tribe29 GmbH" is now "Checkmk GmbH"



  • Add support for REST API endpoints of Checkmk 2.2.0
  • Many UI improvements:
    • Clearer layout for both the RAW and CEE Query Editor
    • RAW filters are now displayed vertically aligned
    • The filter type of existing filters can no longer be changed, they have to be removed, and another filter can be added.
    • Errors in the Query Editor Fields are more prominently featured in the inputs themselves
  • Graphs in Grafana now show the same color as in Checkmk

(Breaking) Changes

  • When using Checkmk < 2.2.0 you will have to choose the correct version in the data source settings, as this defaults to ">= 2.2"
  • Graph Types have been renamed, existing configuration is not affect by this.
    • "Template" Graphs are now called "Predefined Graphs"
    • "Metric" Graphs are now called "Single Metric"


  • Provide better error message on wrong authentication.


  • Removed /dist folder from git repository. That means that it's no longer possible to install this Grafana plugin by git clone. If you use git pull to update the plugin, you will have to change your deployment strategy of this plugin. Please refer to the official documentation
  • FIX: After changing a "Hostname Regex", the graph was not automatically updated, but Grafanas "Refresh dashboard" button on the upper right had to be clicked. Now the graph should update automatically. In order to limit the load on the checkmk server, the update is delayed by 500ms for text fields. This also affects: Hostname regex, Service Regex, Host is in Group, Service is in Group


  • already states that at least Grafana 8.0.0 is required, now the plugin also reflects that version requirement.
  • add missing logo file to dist folder


Checkmk's Grafana connector underwent a complete rewrite. This plugin release accompanies checkmk 2.1, yet for testing purposes it will work with checkmk 2.0.0p20

An update script is available to migrate the configuration from the previous connector to this new one. However, there are some backwards incompatible changes and not all features are conserved.

We provide a Python script utils/ in our github project which updates the Grafana SQLite database from the old connector setup to the new one. In that process it will go over all the dashboards and create a new version of them with the updated connector. PLEASE BACKUP THIS FILE BEFORE UPDATING.

  1. Install and configure this new connector. Take note of the name you give it and take note of which name you gave the old connector. In this example we call them "Latest cmk connector" and "checkmk".

  2. Stop your Grafana instance and backup the file grafana.db

  3. Use the script, it has a -h option to remind you of the usage. To update from the previous datasource "checkmk" into this new connector "Latest cmk connector" on the grafana.db file, execute:

    python3 -o "checkmk" -n "Latest cmk connector" -db grafana.db

    If any of the two datasources is your default datasource, omit that option on the command.

    This script will go over all your dashboards, it might take some time because it also queries information from your checkmk site, and that communication takes time.

  4. After the update completes start your Grafana server again.


  • Update dependencies
  • Fix data source test on raw edition


  • Update dependencies
  • Filter METRIC_ graph templates on CEE


  • Complete rewrite from scratch