Prometheus AlertManager

Data Source

Prometheus AlertManager Datasource

Grafana datasource for Prometheus Alertmanager

This datasource lets you to use the Alertmanager's API of Prometheus to create dashboards in Grafana.



The only two formats available are table and single.


Into the query expression field, you can set filters.


  • alertname="HostDown" will only display alerts which has the label alertname equals to "HostDown".
  • severity="1" will only display alerts which has the label severity equals to "1".

You can also set multiple parameters like alertname="DiskFull", df="opt".


You can display one label or more into the message field by setting labels name into the "Legend format" field.


  • {{msg}} will display the content of the label "msg".
  • Host: {{host}} / IP: {{ip}} will display the following content: "Host: [host_value] / IP: [ip_value]"

To set labels in your alerts, you can follow the Prometheus's documentation:

Variable Templating

This datasource has basic support for Grafana's variable templating queries.

The following functions are implemented.

  • label_values(query,key) will return all the label values of the alerts returned by the query. The query parameter is optional.
  • annotation_values(query,key) same as above for annotations.
  • label_names(query) will return all the label names of the alerts returned.
  • annotation_names(query) same as above for annotations.
  • [(labels|annotations|receivers|generatorURL)](query) returns whatever path is specified by key, for instance labels(query) will return a JSON string of labels.

If a function is not specified, the alert will be returned as the complete json string

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  • Grafana 4.x.x