Datatable Panel


Datatable panel for Grafana

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

[1.0.2] - 2020-06-26

  • NEW: column filtering option
  • Sorting is working correctly now Issues: #104
  • Row/Column coloring working again Issue: #100
  • Formatting working (general appearance problems) Issue: #105
  • Now loads with older versions of Grafana Issue: #97
  • Template variables inside links can now reference other cell content of same row number (Issue: #87)

[1.0.1] - 2020-05-02

  • pulled in file_export from older version of grafana for compatibility
  • add dependency file-saver require my file_export
  • v7 no longer suppolies isUTC setting from dashboard, test and default to false

[1.0.0] - 2020-04-21

  • Added option to use orthogonal data option to sort by value and not formatted value
  • Remove moment package
  • Updated to use new @grafana/toolkit build process
  • Packages updated
  • FIX: column index sorting was wrong when row numbers set true
  • FIX: light theme search area now more visible
  • NEW: time macros $__from, $__to, $__keepFrom will be replaced in clickable urls

[0.0.9] - 2019-09-07

  • Fix stringToJsRegex reference error

[0.0.8] - 2019-09-07

  • update packages

[0.0.7] - 2019-07-26

New features/bugfixes by contributor jmp0x00, thanks!! Conversion to typescript Updated all packages CircleCI added to publishing

(previous) Changelog

0.0.1first release
0.0.2NEW: Added option for a cell or row to link to another page
NEW: Supports Clickable links inside table
BUGFIX: Fixed missing CSS files
BUGFIX: CSS files now load when Grafana has a subpath
NEW: Added multi-column sorting - sort by any number of columns ascending/descending
NEW: Column Aliasing - modify the name of a column as sent by the datasource
NEW: Column width hints - suggest a width for a named column
0.0.3BUGFIX: Saving State should now work - wrong option was in the datatable constructor
NEW: Export options for Clipboard/CSV/PDF/Excel/Print
BUGFIX: Columns from datasources other than JSON can now be aliased
BUGFIX: No data now clears table (issue #5)
0.0.4NEW: Now autoscrolls horizontally if number of columns is wider
than the rendered panel (issue #6)
0.0.5BUGFIX: SystemJS path changes for Grafana > 4.6
0.0.6BUGFIX: Compatibility for v5
1.0.0Update packages and convert to toolkit
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  • Grafana 6.x.x