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Datatable panel for Grafana
  • Showcase Paging
    Showcase Paging
  • Showcase Scrolling
    Showcase Scrolling
  • Showcase Compact Numbered
    Showcase Compact Numbered
  • Options
  • Datatable Options
    Datatable Options
  • Thresholding with Row Coloring
    Thresholding with Row Coloring
  • Thresholding with Cell Coloring
    Thresholding with Cell Coloring
  • Thresholding with Value Coloring
    Thresholding with Value Coloring

Grafana Datatable Panel

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This panel plugin provides a table panel for Grafana 6.x/7.x


Paging enabled

Default Paging

Scrolling enabled


Light Theme with Paging

Light Theme with Paging

Numbered Rows and Compact Style

Numbered and Compact Rows


Options Tab


Same options as built-in table panel

Datatable Options Tab

Datatable Options

Table Display Options

  • Font Size - set font size of table content
  • Scroll - toggle for scrolling vs Paging
  • Paging Options
    • Rows Per Page - number of rows to display when paging is enabled
    • Paging type - multiple navigation options

Column Aliasing

  • Override the name displayed for a column

Column Width Hints

  • Provide a width "hint" in percentage or pixels ( 100px or 10% ). Note: The table will autosize as needed, but will use the hints provided.

Column Sorting

  • Sort table by any number of columns in ascending/descending order.

Table Options

  • Row Numbers - toggle to show row numbers
  • Length Change Enabled - top left dropdown for showing alternate page sizes
  • Search Enabled - toggle to allow searching table content (regex is enabled)
  • Info - Displays the "Show N of X entries" on bottom left of table
  • Cell Borders - show borders around each Cell (cannot be enabled with Row Borders)
  • Row Borders - show border between rows
  • Compact Rows - uses less padding for denser data display
  • Striped Rows - non-colored rows will be "striped" odd/even
  • Order Column - Highlights the column used for sorting
  • Hover - Highlights row on mouse hover

Theme Settings

  • Basic theme is currently the only option, more to be added


Row-based threshold coloring

Thresholding with Row Coloring

Cell based threshold coloring

Thresholding with Cell Coloring

Cell based threshold value coloring

Thresholding with Value Coloring

RowColumn threshold coloring

This option sets the row color to the "highest" threshold found for all cells in row.

It also sets the color for each cell according to the threshold (you can tell which columns actually exceeded the threshold).

This means - a row can have an overall color, with each cell indicating it's real threshold color.

Thresholding with RowColumn1

Thresholding with RowColumn2

RowColumn threshold coloring including row counter

Same as above, but with row counter included

Thresholding with RowColumn including row count


  • Feature parity with built-in Grafana Table Panel
  • Row coloring uses the "highest" threshold color of all columns
  • New "RowColumn" threshold color option: Sets color to "highest" threshold found for all cells in row. Also sets color for each cell according to the threshold. This means - a row can have an overall color, with each cell indicating it's real threshold color.
  • Set font size for rows
  • Scrolling
  • Paging
    • Preset page sizes
    • Multiple paging types
    • Dropdown for page size
  • Row Numbers reactive to filtering
  • Searchable table content (filtering), regex enabled
  • Columns names can be aliased
  • URLs inside row text can be "clicked"
  • Rows can have a click-through URL
  • Multi-Column Sorting
  • Horizontal scrolling enabled when columns are wider than panel


  • [+] Column is not working


This plugin relies on Yarn, typical build sequence:

yarn install
yarn build

For development, you can run:

yarn install
yarn watch

The code will be parsed then copied into "dist" if the build passes without errors.

Docker Support

A docker-compose.yml file is include for easy development and testing, just run

docker-compose up

Then browse to (http://localhost:3000)


A spec file is included to facilitate RPM based deployments, to generate run

make rpm

External Dependencies

  • Grafana 6.x/7.x

Build Dependencies

  • yarn


This panel is based on the "Table" panel by GrafanaLabs

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  • Grafana 6.x.x