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Data Source

Google Analytics

  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Change log
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Google Analytics datasource

Visualize data from Google Analytics UA And GA4(beta)


  • AutoComplete AccountID & WebpropertyID & ProfileID
  • AutoComplete Metrics & Dimensions
  • Query using Metrics & Dimensions
  • Setting with json



Generate a JWT file

  1. if you don't have gcp project, add new gcp project. link
  2. Open the Credentials page in the Google API Console.
  3. Click Create Credentials then click Service account.
  4. On the Create service account page, enter the Service account details.
  5. On the Create service account page, fill in the Service account details and then click Create
  6. On the Service account permissions page, don't add a role to the service account. Just click Continue
  7. In the next step, click Create Key. Choose key type JSON and click Create. A JSON key file will be created and downloaded to your computer
  8. Note your service account email ex)
  9. Open the Google Analytics API in API Library and enable access for your account
  10. Open the Google Analytics Reporting API in API Library and enable access for your GA Data

Google Analytics Setting

  1. Open the Google Analytics
  2. Select Your Analytics Account And Open Admin Page
  3. Click Account User Management on the Account Tab
  4. Click plus Button then Add users
  5. Enter service account email at Generate a JWT file 8th step and Permissions add Read & Analyze


Go To Add Data source then Drag the file to the dotted zone above. Then click Save & Test.
The file contents will be encrypted and saved in the Grafana database.



How To Dev

build directory

Installing Google Analytics on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Support DimensionFilter(#90)
  • Fix metric type bug(#88)
  • Add time series and table query mode(#87)


  • Hotfix 0.2.1 query editor frontend bug


  • Fix healthcheck fail when no profile or no property(#80)
  • Update README to remove hardcoded GCP Project ID(#79)
  • Support custom metrics and dimensions(#69)


  • support GA4
  • change query editor UI
  • go version 1.18 -> 1.20
  • update dependencies


  • support grafana version < 11
  • update dependencies


  • apply datasource intance management
  • upgrade go dependencies
  • support grafana 8.x version


  • fix query editor ui
  • add filter expression


  • separate time dimension and other dimensions
  • fix bug multi dimensions breaking graphs


  • enhancement query editor ui
  • add timezone label at query editor
  • get metric bug fix
  • add Metrics & Dimensions description
  • add Metadata type for typescript
  • remove unused function


Initial release. Not fit for production use.