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Data Source


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Instantly visualize Axiom data in Grafana

The Grafana data source plugin is the easiest way to query event data from Axiom directly in Grafana dashboards.


This plugin has the following requirements:


  1. Add a new data source in Grafana
  2. Select the Axiom data source plugin
  3. Enter your Axiom advanced API token
  4. Save and test the data source

Visualizing data

The Axiom data source plugin provides a custom editor to query and visualize event data from Axiom.

  1. Create a new panel in Grafana
  2. Select the Axiom data source
  3. Use the query editor to filter, transform and analyze your data


Installation on Grafana Cloud

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Installation with Grafana CLI

grafana-cli plugins install axiomhq-axiom-datasource

Installation with Docker

  1. Add the plugin to your docker-compose.yml or Dockerfile
  2. Set the environment variable GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS to include the plugin

Installing Axiom on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.



  • Added support for advanced API tokens by @schehata (#59)
  • Deprecate usage of Personal Tokens by @schehata (#59)
  • Upgraded axiom-go to version v0.17.8


  • Show the URL config field in plugin settings by @schehata in #58


  • fix: Run queries concurrently to speed up panels with many queries by @jahands in #40
  • testing: provide a datasource & dashboard for quick testing by @schehata in #57


  • feat: replace plugin screenshots by @dominicchapman in #29
  • Add placeholder, query shortcut to QueryEditor by @bahlo in #30
  • Fix totals switch when submitting via keybinding by @bahlo in #31
  • Fix history bugs by @bahlo in #32


  • switch to using call resource functionality by @mschoch in #23
  • handle totals table groups same as series by @mschoch in #24
  • fix: mismatch between values and fields arrays and longToWide on … by @a-khaledf in #21
  • docs: update README by @dominicchapman in #25
  • feat: revise Axiom logo for light background by @dominicchapman in #26
  • fix handling of fields with escaped dots by @mschoch in #28