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Data Source


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Grafana Data Source Plugin

This is Anodot Datasource Plugin for Grafana, which together with the Anodot Panel Plugin allows users to use Anodot data for building Grafana Dashboards.

What is Grafana Data Source Plugin?

Grafana supports a wide range of data sources, including Prometheus, MySQL, and even Datadog. There’s a good chance you can already visualize metrics from the systems you have set up. In some cases, though, you already have an in-house metrics solution that you’d like to add to your Grafana dashboards. Grafana Data Source Plugins enables integrating such solutions with Grafana.

Using the Anodot Data Source Plugin

You can get the Anodot Data Source Plugin in these ways:

  1. Clone this github repository, build the plugin and deploy it to your grafana deployment.
  2. Unzip zip archive from this repository to your grafana-plugins folder.
  3. Get it from the Grafana plugins library
  4. Use grafana-cli for installation

Installing/Updating with grafana-cli

grafana-cli plugins install anodot-datasource


grafana-cli plugins update anodot-datasource

Restart Grafana after installation:

brew services restart grafana

See more details here.

Once you have the plugin installed, please go through setting up the Anodot Data Source.

Building the plugin on your own

  1. Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. Build plugin in development mode or run in watch mode
yarn dev


yarn watch
  1. Build plugin in production mode
yarn build
  1. Optional: build the backend plugin

Setting up the Anodot Data Source

Once you have the plugin installed, please follow the steps below to configure it for use:

  1. You will need to set up an API token. Click here to find out how to get an Anodot Access Key. Click here to learn how to obtain an access key from Anodot.
  2. You will need to set up your Anodot URL. For most customers - that URL is ''. You can find your URL when you log in to Anodot.
  3. Once you've set these two parameters - simply hit the "Save & Test" and you are good to go.

Learn more

Installing Anodot on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.