What is Grafana Alerting?

Grafana Alerting allows you to alert on your metrics and logs, no matter where they are stored. Create, manage, and take action on your alerts in a single, consolidated view, and improve your team’s ability to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Easily manage your alerts

No need to look at multiple pages for managing alerts in Grafana. A single Grafana Alerting page consolidates both Grafana-managed alerts and alerts that reside in your Prometheus-compatible data source in one single place.

One alert rule, multiple alert instances

Grafana Alerting can give you system-wide visibility with a single multi-dimensional alert. One alert rule can alert on many items at once, creating one alert instance for each entity that needs your attention. You can also group alert instances based on labels to not receive too many notifications!

How Grafana Alerting works

grafana oncall diagram
Labels match alert instances to notification policies and silences and can be used to group your alerts by severity.
Notification policy is the set of rules for where, when, and how the alerts get routed. Notification policies have a tree structure, where each policy can also match specific alert labels.
Contact points define how your contacts are notified when an alert fires. We support a multitude of ChatOps tools to ensure the alerts come to your team — not the other way around.

Multiple data sources

Grafana Alerting allows you to create queries and expressions from multiple data sources — no matter where your data is stored — giving you the flexibility to combine your data in new and unique ways.

Images in notifications

Images in notifications can help quickly narrow down what’s happening. Plus our improved alert instance states explain when an alert was triggered by a query error or when no data was returned.

Enterprise scale with Grafana Mimir and Grafana Loki

Does your data already live in Grafana Mimir or Grafana Loki? Run alert expressions closer to your data and at massive scale, all managed by the Grafana UI.

Silences and mute timings

Too much noise? Silences are a great way to stop receiving persistent notifications from multiple alerts. Silences have their own dedicated section for better organization and visibility, so that you can scan your paused alert rules without cluttering the main alerting view. With mute timings, you can also freeze alert notifications for recurring periods of time, such as during a maintenance period.

It’s easy to get started


Sign up

Create your free Grafana Cloud account


Set up

Configure an alert with a few simple clicks



Add, edit, and manage all your Grafana and Prometheus-style alerts on a single page

Full implementation details and best practices

Choose the Grafana version that’s best for you

Grafana OSS

Install, administer, and maintain your own instance.
Easiest way to get started

Grafana Cloud

Managed and administered by Grafana Labs with free and paid options for individuals, teams, and large enterprises.

Grafana Enterprise

For organizations that have specific privacy, security, or compliance requirements and need a self-managed environment, which is supported by Grafana Labs.

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