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Version 6.1.6 April 29, 2019

What's New In Grafana 6.1.6Release Notes
Ubuntu & Debian(ARM64)SHA256: 391d8fbec56dab1058bc03ec4030252be553fe25a10e14aac515d4a2166061db
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.1.6_arm64.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv6)SHA256: 9bc58f123ecda6623545249e420ed4b7c169bbd8089fec9ef2f9222152faeab2
sudo dpkg -i grafana-rpi_6.1.6_armhf.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv7)SHA256: 43400f4ef7c6a2f3f74db1630a48a285eefda5bd1b66efce9695c8654cf001fe
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.1.6_armhf.deb
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARM64)SHA256: deab3ce0b90e8f1c8e7d91e0d611073f9dc654675fcfd75ca3742f15ee2ccec1
tar -zxvf grafana-6.1.6.linux-arm64.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv6)SHA256: 57e8ed253530d3cf80c25ed9889bea1fbcf3d7a6d90056dfe9fd7f36d5f1ca5d
tar -zxvf grafana-6.1.6.linux-armv6.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv7)SHA256: 28166fabbc897a8f7d93a0ca26a2c5dd98b67a0b0086345a0bcee7a3c3e3859f
tar -zxvf grafana-6.1.6.linux-armv7.tar.gz
Redhat & Centos(ARM64)SHA256: fffc36c937a2bd66356a48ceb7c8640f3b95de706ab7f56f1dcbcaa324532bac
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.1.6-1.aarch64.rpm
Redhat & Centos(ARMv7)SHA256: 994a0b7ddbc2785c837234752dede136120239afaf1f3063e2435f6ee44cab8a
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.1.6-1.armhfp.rpm

Choose your Configuration Options

The Grafana backend has a number of configuration options defined in its config file (usually located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini on linux systems).

In this config file you can change things like the default admin password, http port, grafana database (sqlite3, mysql, postgres), authentication options (google, github, ldap, auth proxy) along with many other options.

Start your grafana server. Login with your admin user (default admin/admin). Open side menu (click the Grafana icon in top menu) head to Data Sources and add your data source.

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