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Version 6.3.3 August 15, 2019

What's New In Grafana 6.3.3Release Notes
Ubuntu & Debian(ARM64)SHA256: ae66a43d580a37bc075290a065c770c57859f05fcf4c1c753d49abed5ab0b1f0
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.3.3_arm64.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv6)SHA256: f40d7670cdec13e36e497434ef44acd6bd914d8338f52cdeff584bbf9cd35fd1
sudo dpkg -i grafana-rpi_6.3.3_armhf.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv7)SHA256: 53f1d48ec7343075f3bca0e0fbb0cbe9b94a422e09078603c6e4cc235a7f40de
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.3.3_armhf.deb
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARM64)SHA256: 60a2e6c12876b3a0bad75fd5bbad69276441e374514c1ecd741aa9f0b106521a
tar -zxvf grafana-6.3.3.linux-arm64.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv6)SHA256: aa99ed287a716a50862148e7aac57ff140827dfc325e739917a710dc18c645f0
tar -zxvf grafana-6.3.3.linux-armv6.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv7)SHA256: ad988d94b933ca2c5c5c8768452816f0e5f91efc87f8333ff0fab158aef8772f
tar -zxvf grafana-6.3.3.linux-armv7.tar.gz
Redhat & Centos(ARM64)SHA256: c791f2e6ea5653522a0d5ad69e8694e0f151b652f9cb7e412840859959596f8d
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.3.3-1.aarch64.rpm
Redhat & Centos(ARMv7)SHA256: 4b7d8022790f862dc2a0c86ae9827d4fed82be5623364fed6cd2e687e7b5555f
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.3.3-1.armhfp.rpm

Choose your Configuration Options

The Grafana backend has a number of configuration options defined in its config file (usually located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini on linux systems).

In this config file you can change things like the default admin password, http port, grafana database (sqlite3, mysql, postgres), authentication options (google, github, ldap, auth proxy) along with many other options.

Start your grafana server. Login with your admin user (default admin/admin). Open side menu (click the Grafana icon in top menu) head to Data Sources and add your data source.

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