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Version 6.4.4 November 6, 2019

What's New In Grafana 6.4.4Release Notes
Ubuntu & Debian(ARM64)SHA256: 99a356249a866b84f195e63c1a00d6ef1dc1b3f328f15335a9c939b418a924ff
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.4.4_arm64.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv6)SHA256: 627272b4158c9778f95ec2be625d4f0f870b8a2ddb1d274c5fd1484e54def626
sudo dpkg -i grafana-rpi_6.4.4_armhf.deb
Ubuntu & Debian(ARMv7)SHA256: 7eb8fd7e58f82409ecb92fab58fe8bf0a5fbcb4cb5340d320634533f09f92248
sudo dpkg -i grafana_6.4.4_armhf.deb
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARM64)SHA256: 918eb1297c472817b1c45071bdee8f38afd1e489982358121fa1685e724fdea0
tar -zxvf grafana-6.4.4.linux-arm64.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv6)SHA256: 710137344f9361d1085e200030cc010ce99b10819ae25cc7acd0d08c6bf17992
tar -zxvf grafana-6.4.4.linux-armv6.tar.gz
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv7)SHA256: fba0521a236347fd0ef904a6dd86a55c5eb4e88b79b62293d8f540dbbfa8ac95
tar -zxvf grafana-6.4.4.linux-armv7.tar.gz
Redhat & Centos(ARM64)SHA256: bab24ed6f97b61c442c45e64d1a10980044112f8edc9747a1da42061f97654cf
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.4.4-1.aarch64.rpm
Redhat & Centos(ARMv7)SHA256: 5f8840f92cf8dbaff78756fa9b4ff7ff50021cf68be1f80abe44dbf44f8665cd
sudo yum localinstall grafana-6.4.4-1.armhfp.rpm

Choose your Configuration Options

The Grafana backend has a number of configuration options defined in its config file (usually located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini on linux systems).

In this config file you can change things like the default admin password, http port, grafana database (sqlite3, mysql, postgres), authentication options (google, github, ldap, auth proxy) along with many other options.

Start your grafana server. Login with your admin user (default admin/admin). Open side menu (click the Grafana icon in top menu) head to Data Sources and add your data source.

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