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Release Date:
November 15, 2018
Grafana Cloud

Get Grafana without the overhead involved with installing, maintaining and scaling your observability data.

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The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Open Source Edition. All open source functionality can be used free with the option to upgrade to the full paid Enterprise feature set, including support for Enterprise plugins.
Ubuntu and Debian(ARM64)SHA256: 58e9018e0a4383e2ca5e2d9bb7d84936d27c3916989bc5e3471b519ee88b63e1
sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana_5.3.3_arm64.deb
Ubuntu and Debian(ARMv7)SHA256: 2f4fffbc74abe3faacd72e90ae423a1961546772aab4784925699242f71b17af
sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana_5.3.3_armhf.deb
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARM64)SHA256: f92c8ef4c61c2e03dc9d12e40d03573e4f1b0e864fc4576bbfd86423fe979600
Standalone Linux Binaries(ARMv7)SHA256: 65d3b7a98d5837beb22609a4f7c74db4c7489af1d6d62476aea2bb6199b9ef26
Red Hat, CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora(ARM64)SHA256: b597a1461d8cb819e82f3eba37735e0d47561a0d910c42c3cf20923483c5137f


Red Hat, CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora(ARMv7)SHA256: a296a331e63c405360cd87bf555658f041166ffb0603ed8a43d067ca2d85322b


Choose your Configuration Options

The Grafana backend has a number of configuration options defined in its config file (usually located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini on linux systems).

In this config file you can change things like the default admin password, http port, grafana database (sqlite3, mysql, postgres), authentication options (google, github, ldap, auth proxy) along with many other options.

Start your grafana server. Login with your admin user (default admin/admin). Open side menu (click the Grafana icon in top menu) head to Data Sources and add your data source.

Create a free Grafana Cloud Account

  • Includes the full Grafana observability stack
  • Free access for 3 users, 10k metrics, 50GB logs and 2 week data retention
  • 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro
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