Choose the version of Grafana that’s best for you.

Get Grafana fully managed with Grafana Cloud, or run it on your own infrastructure with self-managed options.

Open Source


Centralize the analysis, visualization, and alerting for all of your data with Grafana.

Install, administer, and maintain your own instance.

Easiest way to get started


Fully managed observability stack

Offered as a fully managed service, Grafana Cloud is the fastest way to adopt Grafana and includes a scalable, managed backend for metrics, logs, and traces.

Managed and administered by Grafana Labs with free and paid options for individuals, teams and large enterprises.

Includes a robust free tier with access to 10k metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces, 2 weeks data retention and 3 users.


Self-managed with enterprise-grade features

Grafana’s powerful visualization and alerting, enhanced with access to Enterprise data source plugins and built-in collaboration features.

A self-managed option for organizations that have special requirements around data localization and privacy.

Compare features

Grafana OSS
Grafana Cloud
Everything users need to understand their applications and infrastructure.
Grafana Cloud
For teams and workloads that require scale, security and collaboration.
Grafana Cloud
For teams and enterprises with large sets of metrics and many tools.
Grafana Enterprise
Overview (Dashboarding, visualizations & alerting)


Unlimited 3 10
+ $5/mo/user for more users
Custom Custom



Generating API keys

Custom Grafana version

Integrations: Pre-built dashboards

Synthetic monitoring


Plugins platform (Tooling, documentation, and components to create plugins)

Community Plugins

Grafana Labs free plugins

Sign & install personal plugins

Enterprise plugins

Collaboration and usage

Usage insights

Data source permissions


Custom branding (White labeling)

Team sync

Security and authentication




Enhanced LDAP sync

Audit logs


Fine-grained access control

Support and billing

Docs and guides

Support availability

8x5 email 24x7

Dedicated technical account management

Grafana Labs training / professional services

Roadmap assurance

* Advanced plans do not automatically include enterprise plugins, but are available to add to your plan. Contact us to find out more.