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Kubernetes Namespace Resources

Display usage of ResourceQuota by namespace in kubernetes cluster.

Dashboard for k8s clusters that use kube-prometheus for collecting metrics.

About Dashboard

This dashboard will help you visualize resource utilization per namespace with resource quota.

Singlestat panels

  • CPU Requests Allocated / CPU Requests Quota
  • CPU Limits Allocated / CPU Limits Quota
  • CPU Actual Usage / CPU Requests Quota
  • CPU Actual Usage / CPU Limits Quota
  • RAM Requests Allocated / RAM Requests Quota
  • RAM Limits Allocated / RAM Limits Quota
  • RAM Actual Usage / RAM Requests Quota
  • RAM Actual Usage / RAM Limits Quota

Graph panels


  • CPU Usage
  • CPU Quota Limits
  • CPU Quota Requests
  • CPU Allocated Limits
  • CPU Allocated Requests


  • RAM Usage
  • RAM Quota Limits
  • RAM Quota Requests
  • RAM Allocated Limits
  • RAM Allocated Requests


  • Input
  • Output

How to use

After importing dashboard - create variable $source that will contain the datasource (if you are using different datasources for different cluster), or just hardcode it.

How to contribute

Feel free to make PR in github repository.

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