Imixs-Cloud - Server Overview


System And Docker Monitoring Template
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The "Imixs-Cloud Server Overview" is part of the Github Project Imixs-Cloud.

Imixs-Cloud is an open infrastructure project, describing a lightweight docker based container environment for business applications. The main objectives of this project are simplicity, transparency and operational readiness. Imixs-Cloud is based on a docker swarm and typically consists of multiple Docker hosts. Imixs-Cloud is optimized to build, run and maintain business services in small and medium-sized enterprises. The project is open source and continuous under development.

Collector Configuration Details

This is the prometheus job configuration:

- job_name: 'node-exporter'
    # the targets listed here must match the service names from the docker-compose file
    - targets: ['manager-001:9100','worker-001:9100']