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JMeter Results from ClickHouse(Eng)

JMeter dashboard for ClickHouse datasource

Dashboard shows online statistic from ClickHouse collected by special JMeter Listener (actually this is pack of listeners in one jar).

Dashboard and Listener inspired by JM dashboard and plugin from NovaTec Many thanks these guys!!!

But there is additional important features in this project:

  1. ClickHouse support, of course
  2. Aggregation support (necessary for highload on not premium hardware)
  3. Listener support gzip requests to ClickHouse database (it very useful on highload)
  4. Listener sends to clickhouse not only statistic but Requests and Responses as well (it useful for debug)

How to start:

  1. Download, install and setup ClickHouse, CHProxy strongly recommended
  2. Download and install listener to you’re JMeter lib/ext
  3. Start JMeter, add BackendListener and setup
  4. Install and setup Dashboard
  5. Start Test.

More detailed instructions will be published on plugin wiki soon

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