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Ceph Cluster overview.
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Ceph Cluster overview, built for ceph-mgr's built-in prometheus exporter (available since 13.2 Mimic) with multi-cluster support (cluster is selected via $job).

Shows the following:

  • Cluster state
  • Monitors in quorum
  • Number of pools
  • Cluster capacity: used and total
  • Average PGs per OSD
  • Average OSD apply/commit latency
  • Average monitor consensus refresh latency
  • Latency, IOPS and Throughput for Read, Write, Read-Modify-Write operations
  • MDS latency
  • Objects in the cluster: total
  • Objects in the cluster: unfound/degraded/misplaced
  • PGs by status
  • OSD storage used (total)
  • OSD storage used (%)