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Bosch Industrial Sensor System

Increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by monitoring your machines, processes and environmental conditions. The Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS) is a small and robust multi-sensor device for harsh industrial environments. It is best used for machine condition monitoring and is perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 applications. The CISS monitors machines, machine modules, and plants in operation. Both temporary and permanent condition monitoring are possible with CISS and will indicate when conditions deviate from the target conditions. In addition, the CISS provides early detection and localization of potential issues or areas that are not performing to their fullest potential. The data collected enables further development of predictive and remote maintenance. This increases efficiency by reducing unplanned downtimes, disproportionately high reject production as well as time spent on problem analysis, maintenance and repair. CISS is an innovative sensor device that will bring your industry into the IoT marketplace.


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