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1 Node Exporter 1.0.1

Host Metrics (VM, Server, OS) https://github.com/fchiorascu/Observability

This dashboard is Dynamic where you can have the metrics for: 1 VM, Multiple VMs or All VMs.


  • UP
  • Load
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • NTP
  • Disk
  • Swap
  • Forks
  • Inodes
  • Kernel
  • Uptime
  • Entropy
  • Threads
  • Network
  • Systemd
  • Interrupts
  • Processes
  • File Descriptors
  • Switches Context


  • Grafana: 7.4.0+
  • Prometheus: 2.24.1+
  • Node Exporter: 1.0.1+

Interval and range variables: http://docs.grafana.org/features/datasources/prometheus/

  • Support for $__range, $__range_s and $__range_ms only available from Grafana v5.3
  • It’s possible to use some global built-in variables in query variables; $__interval, $__interval_ms, $__range, $__range_s and $__range_ms, see Global built-in variables for more information. These can be convenient to use in conjunction with the query_result function when you need to filter variable queries since label_values function doesn’t support queries.
  • Make sure to set the variable’s refresh trigger to be On Time Range Change to get the correct instances when changing the time range on the dashboard.

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