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Official Aerospike Dashboard
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Visualize cluster wide Aerospike metrics

Graphite datasource configuration

This dashboard was designed to show metrics ingested from the official Aerospike Graphite plugin:


By default, aerospike-graphite appends instances.aerospike. as a prefix before the hostname. You can change this with your own --prefix parameter for aerospike-graphite. Each part will be used by this dashboard. The first part, prefix/"instance", is treated as a constant. The second part, cluster/"aerospike" is treated as a cluster.


To narrow down to individual node metrics, select a single hostname in the dashboard variables.

To view cluster-wide metrics on a single namespace, select only the namespace in the dashboard variables.

To view the status of a single namespace on a single node, select both the hostname and namespace in dashboard variables.

Make this dashboard better

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