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System & Network basic metrics
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  • Requirements: Collectd 5.5 at least (for CPU & RAM percentage).
  • Replace with yours in the .json export file.

Collector Configuration Details

  • Collectd 5.5 config file:


  1. Replace following variables: influxdb_host_to_replace & influxdb_port_to_replace_8096_for_instance

  2. Collectd custom S.M.A.R.T Plugin:

Prerequisites for this SMART plugin:

  1. smartmontools - Sudo command & espacially (sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl).
  2. MegaCli (MegaRAID) if needed.
  3. HP ACU Cli (HP RAID) if needed.
  4. Inside your file /etc/sudoers:

backup ALL= NOPASSWD: sudo /sbin/MegaCli -pdlist -a0

backup ALL= NOPASSWD: sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl

backup ALL= NOPASSWD: /sbin/fdisk -l

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