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Docker Swarm Nodes

Docker Swarm nodes metrics

This relies on data from both node_exporter and dockerd-exporter.

Filter by node name instead of node_id.

Using swarm prom-node-exporter as a base, with the updated node_exporter binary from 0.16.0. 15 to 16 changes several stat names which are redefined.

FROM stefanprodan/swarmprom-node-exporter:v0.15.2 as BASE
FROM prom/node-exporter:v0.16.0

COPY --from=BASE /etc/node-exporter/docker-entrypoint.sh /etc/node-exporter/docker-entrypoint.sh

USER root
RUN chown nobody:wheel /etc/node-exporter
USER nobody

ENTRYPOINT  [ "/etc/node-exporter/docker-entrypoint.sh" ]
CMD [ "/bin/node_exporter" ]

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