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Node Exporter Full 0.15

Updated metrics name, to comply with Prometheus2.1 Dashboard from https://github.com/rfrail3/grafana-dashboards with updated metrics names for Node Exporter 0.15 version. In templating changed metric name to find hosts.

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04:

prometheus-node-exporter 0.15.2+ds (Ubuntu 18.04 default)

prometheus 2.1.0

grafana 5.2.1

Removed 5 panels due to discontinued metrics:

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPPrequeued - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPPrequeueDropped - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPDirectCopyFromBacklog - lost

node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPDirectCopyFromPrequeue - lost

node_vmstat_nr_alloc_batch - lost

src: https://github.com/prometheus/node_exporter/issues/830#issuecomment-380100059

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